Anonymous asked: Every time I slide my hands into my Rum Runner I smile. Those silky pocket and sleeve linings. It's the little details that make the difference. Had to fly to SF from London to get one ;) Thanks and Rugger fist bumps man!

It’s for people like you we design, thanks broheim!

Anonymous asked: When are you going to do another collaboration with ACL? I'd sell my soul for the madras shirt you did with him back in 2010...

I’ll think about it, I need a new soul anyway, I sold mine to Satan when I started in the fashion industry.



Anonymous asked: How does one become awesome like yourself?

No clue, I’m just an average dude, not awesome at all.

But thank you for the compliment, that’s very sweet of you.

tjt-aok asked: hey big fella.... where is that coat you are wearing in the photo by Mathias Nordgren from?

It’s “The Woo(l)ster”, Gant Rugger FW13.

bourgeoisdecadences asked: any Rugger digs planned for Toronto in the near future? shipping costs from the U.S. got a yung scholar skressed

We where planning to open a huge GANT Rugger flagship store in Toronto this April.

Then, the Olympic Hockey Final happend…

Anonymous asked: Hello Mr. Bastin! I you have the time, you can check out my short post about your latest work. But you should only read it if you're into hopeless admiration.. AND it's in danish, so consider it a challenge! Best of luck. / Jakob <-- Seeyoudarling on Wordpress..

Hopeless admiration always works, thanks for the kind words dude.

Say hey to CPH and tell Fredrik at Euroman “hall kaeft mand” from me :-)

leftfootforward asked: Hello, Mr Bastin. I am about to graduate with no background in fashion but a job in menswear is a career path I would like to go down. You are definitely someone I look up to and admire in the world of menswear and was curious to ask for some advice. I was wondering if you could tell me what you think is a good way to make myself noticeable without a fashion background, in particular with careers such as creative director, buyer, and merchandising?

Ask Lawrence Schlossman for an internship at Four-Pins, and you’re good to go.

thelocalwindow asked: Great blog, great work! Do you have any blogs och websites you visit daily for inspiration and/or motivation? Keep it up!

Nope, but if there was a porn version of Kinfolk, that would be it.

(note to self, start porn version of Kinfolk)

Anonymous asked: When is that Gant women's prefall "Editor-in-chief" sweatshirt going to be available? So good.

May-June-ish, depending on where you at in the world.

And thank you, we loves it too.

#GANT #FW14 

Exactly one year ago, in an interview I did for GQ (yo Matty Seebs!) I mentioned going from Gant Rugger to GANT was like “Masturbating with a cheese carver, slightly amusing, but mostly painful”

I had just started and everything was a big fucking chaos.

I’m much more polished and corporate nowadays.



AW14 Gant Rugger.

Queen Fifi @dreamyoxford 

Gant Rugger SS14 shoot in a nutshell. 

Gant Rugger SS14 shoot in a nutshell. 

WTF, 2 years later and still bumming around in Italy? zepharc living the boss life, well deserved.


Gant Rugger tray.
Fifi&#8217;s running shit, swappin Brooklyn for Stockholm like the based Goddess she is. #FIFI

Gant Rugger tray.

Fifi’s running shit, swappin Brooklyn for Stockholm like the based Goddess she is. #FIFI

Anonymous asked: I love the new ad for GANT with team SO-NYC. Thank you for including people off color in it, I am one. I feel more welcome in a GANT store now. Knowing that they cater to my demographic. I have always been a GANT/GANT rugger fan and will continue to be. Thank you.

Marcus Allen is the fucking bomb, simple as that.

Be it sexual orientation, ethnicity (or just really weird taste in music) we love all, serve all. Always happy to get positive/constructive feedback, thanks man.

Sad thing tho, it’s 2014, and it’s still an issue..

One beautiful day, zero fucks will be given about the color of skin, until then, we keep fighting the racists out there, geared up in good looking clothes.

Rugger Hugs