theflyovermessiah asked: I found a shirting label today that you would undoubtedly appreciate, I'm not certain how to send you the shot of it but It's posted on my blarg (not just looking for promo, honest)

Promo mission accomplished, that’s a sweet label!

Got one in the archives as well, two thumbs up!

Anonymous asked: Rugger Miami brah?

All in good time bru.

thesethingsarethings asked: "Gjelinas, best pizza on the west coast, hands down." -- Have you been to SF? Delfinas pizza is really great (and then cross the street to Bi-Rite creamery for dessert).

Should have said Best in L.A, cause that’s pretty much the only place on the west coast I’ve ever been. Have to go to San Fran!!

Anonymous asked: Here is my abbreviated list of all that is wonderful in LA: - FOOD: Gjelina or Shima on Abbot Kinney. Sunny Spot on Washington. Ink on Melrose in West Hollywood, arguably the best place in LA. Providence in West Hollywood, the best 3 hour meal you will ever have. - CLOTHING: Milkmade on Abbot Kinney. Tradesmen on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice & General Store which is two doors down. Union on La Brea. General Quarters on La Brea check out their Neighborhood Thieves stuff it is awesome.

Thanks, good stuff!

Gjelinas, best pizza on the west coast, hands down.

stackingmadras asked: Thank you for making the best suits ever!!!!

Heart Emoji.

stackingmadras asked: I missed out on the dogtooth tie from holiday 2012, any chance to remake it or something similar??

Yeah, I liked that one a lot too. We’ve got something similar for SS14 coming up, but even cooler, stay tuned.

Anonymous asked: Any chance of you guys opening a store in Philadelphia? This city needs more unkempt sprezzatura.

Not in the pipeline right now, but the plan remains, to take over the entire world, Philly included.

Unkempt Sprezzatura FTW!

Game Over. @fifffi just killed it. #gantrugger #FW14 #sneakpeek (at Gant Rugger Showroom)

Game Over. @fifffi just killed it. #gantrugger #FW14 #sneakpeek (at Gant Rugger Showroom)

Latest addition to the family: Gant Rugger, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

Anonymous asked: i saw crayon pop wearing your cape at the mnet awards. #girlsinrugger #jumpingjumpingeverybodyidontwanttostickathomenow

That sounds like the perfect combination!

K-Pop forever!

Anonymous asked: I saw a vid of you on Caveman and you were wearing a cool cable knit sweater. Crew neck, full zipper. Where might I find? Cheers!

Will hit the stores SS14. Hold on to that dough bro.

preppylumberjack asked: How much do I have to bribe you to get a re-release of that ACL collab shirt, Christopher?

It will never happend.

jerusalemsunflowers-deactivated asked: So during an urban scouring foray I found the The Cable with the original hashtag menswear tags on for like twenty bucks. As someone who, as mentioned already in your "ask me anything section," often gives Rugger hugs while being Rugger hugged by a slim fitting Rugger, I (duh) had to take that deal, but it's the one in like mint green. I know it's my problem now but – expert – help me out. How do I wear this? And what do I wear under it since the neck is too wide for a t-shirt but I perspire?

Our “pocket tee’s” necks are wide enough to wear underneath.

I wear it with either worn out jeans or with cut off chino shorts in summer. Or with swim trunks if it’s a bit chilly when leaving the beach in the evening, the combo knitwear / swimwear always makes me think of old greek fishermen mending nets, has to be a good thing.

Los Angeles

I’ll be hitting L.A mid Jan.

Spend way too little time there, so I’d love tips on new stores and restaurants worth checking out!

Hit me blogger, first beer is on me.