Anonymous asked: Hello stoffe! Been looking all over the internet for what shoes you've used for the Gant Rugger A/W 13' lookbook without any luck. Would appreciate if you could help me.

It’s a mish mash of Alden cordovan boots (Col No 8), Jack Purcell sneakers, Crocket & Jones (Pembroke) and vintage blue suede dress shoes I bought in Tokyo. For SS14 our own sneakers hit the stores! Hope it helps!

Anonymous asked: Excuse moi, but when do we get to see this year's holiday collection? You can't hide her forever..

Holiday, (or Pre-Spring as we call it at GANT) will hit the stores beg Novemeber. So hold on to that money a few more days.

#Womenswear Sneak peek of pre-fall 2014 @gant1949

#Womenswear Sneak peek of pre-fall 2014 @gant1949

frederikth asked: Am I insane or has Rugger stopped making XS stuff? I bought a XS Hugger shirt in New York back in 2011 and it fits perfectly, but I want more and can't find anything below S (which is too big) in your Copenhagen store now.

Nope, we still offer XS, but it’s up to each store / market what they buy.

Also, a lot of girls are picking up the few XS ones as soon as they come in…damn them to hell..


Anonymous asked: How tall are you, if I may ask?

Somewhere between Ryan Gosling and Danny De Vito.

Anonymous asked: Hi C! I am a university student in Turkey. I like your style and I really wonder have you ever been in Turkey? Come to Istanbul!

I’ve been to Istanbul like 20 times. (Last time was only a few weeks ago actually)

I LOVE the city, it’s history mixed with the incredibly intercontinental atmosphere. One of my favourite cities in the world, hands down.

I also spent the last 3 summers in Gumucluk, wonderful little village on the Bodrum peninsula! Great food, great people, and some kick ass beach clubs if you’re in the mood!



Anonymous asked: Mr Bastin, I have a faint memory of reading a quote you made a while ago, something about how every man wants to be able to throw together a béarnaise, look like a greek god etc etc. Now I can't find the interview and wonder where to find it? (If I'm just mixing up things I'm sorry, but it feels like something you could say!)

You’re probably right, I think I talk about bearnaise in half the interviews I ever did. But I’m not sure which one it is though, sorry broheim.

If you got 10 K just laying around, this is the one.

If you got 10 K just laying around, this is the one.



Anonymous asked: How far a departure is this fall's gant mainline from usual? I'm in love with it, because it seems much more like rugger than usual, slim cuts, more expensive, and now i can't decide which to get more of

Glad you like, it’s the first GANT mainline season I digged in to and hopefully we achieved getting it a bit more updated and fresher, more a bout finetuning something that’s already pretty great, so I wouldn’t say we’ve changed it too much, more the way put it together really.

Get more of both.

Anonymous asked: Bast-God! What sneakers are the models in the Gant Rugger Spring 2014 preview wearing? They're ridiculously good...

The mint green leather ones are Gant Rugger, and the white ones with the black detail in the front upper are Jack Purcells.

The Rugger ones are available in all Gant Rugger stores from Feb 2014, and yes, they are next level.

Anonymous asked: I might be moving to Asia soon. How do I dress well in a humid 30 degrees Celsius-climate without sweating my ass off?

By stopping by at in HK and buy everything they offer in lightweight wool and linen. Those guys know how to stay cool.

While you’re there, pick up my MTM Carminas, they should be ready by now, right Ethan? Hahaha!

Have fun!

Max & Eli Sussman getting their Kings County drink on during the FW13 shoot. Love these guys.

Max & Eli Sussman getting their Kings County drink on during the FW13 shoot. Love these guys.