greyongray asked: Hey Mr. Bastin, I'm about to post something you'll love. It pertains to Gant Rugger circa a decade before I was born. I'll tag it appropriately, but if you get the chance, please check it out. Thanks! - Zach

Dude, that is so cool! I’ve got a bunch of Baskin shirts in the archives but didn’t know anything about the store until now. I’ll post one of the shirts, would LOVE if you could scan those babies and email them to me! We’ve got similar ads but none from Baskin that I recall. And since Rugger was launched in 73, it’s one of the earlier ads. Good lookin out, love when stuff comes full circle!


  1. youngthousands said: If you guys decided to revive this, I would have to choose between Baskin, Bastin, and Bastian. I love it.
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