thesethingsarethings asked: Hey there Basty, I saw in the Relay that you splurge on fragrance amongst others, which scents are your favourites? Any plans for an Eau de Rugger?

Yay, let’s talk fragrance!

(That came out about as gay as I thought it would)

As much as I would love to claim “I’ve been using the same aftershave for years” becoming recognized by that specific (and hopefully fantastic) scent, I haven’t.

I totally whore out on fragrance. During fall I love “Citrus Paradisi” from Czech & Speake, (for some reason I think it gives me an air of “wealthy, older Italian man”). Wintertime, if I’m going out, I often end up with “Old Leather” by CB I Hate Perfume. It has a warm but distinct biker jacket smell that is weird but nice. Hotel Costes’ is great and has this cinnamon thing going on, smells like Santa Claus coming out of a brothel, in a good way.

Spring it’s “Eau Savage” by Dior or “Sel Marin” by James Heely.

Summertime I normally stay away from fragrance and enjoy the smell of sunwarm skin and ocean salt.

If I could travel back in time, I’d go back to 2006 and buy every single bottle of Velviona Helmut Lang made. It was the perfect scent. I was lucky (or stupid) enough to grab one of the only 500 bottles ever made (I think it was like $250 for 0,5oz) in his Greene St store..I still remember the scent exactly, down to every macrocyclic synthethic musk molecule.

Rugger Hugs

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